Shrink Roll 320 feet Pakistan Made

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Shrink Roll 320 feet | High Quality for Sale in Pakistan

  1. Cling Wrap Packing Material
  2. May be used with heat Gun
  3. Ideal For boxes
  4. Pure Material
  5. Lowest Price with free Shipping
  6. Shrink Wrap 10 Inch Roll
  7. Strong packing material
  8. Easy and strong sticks.
  9. Ideal for Packing boxes.
  10. Cling Stretch Wrap Film
  11. Durable and long lasting
  12. Perfect for packing and moving items.
  13. Consistent thickness and width
  14. Non-toxic and safe for food packaging
  15. UV resistant for outdoor use
  16. High strength and durability
  17. Resistant to tearing and puncturing
  18. Clear and optically transparent
  19. Good shrinkage rate and shrink force
  20. Easy to seal and cut
  21. Cost-effective
  22. Recyclable or biodegradable material.
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Shrink Roll 320 feet Pakistan Made – 10 inch Width

Shrink roll is a versatile and cost-effective packaging material that is widely used for protecting and displaying various products. The roll is made of a special polymer film that shrinks when exposed to heat, allowing it to tightly wrap around the product and provide a secure and tamper-evident seal.


To use shrink roll, simply wrap the product with the film, apply heat using a shrink tunnel or heat gun, and watch as the film shrinks to fit the contours of the product. The benefits of using shrink roll for packaging include enhanced product protection, improved tamper-evident security, and increased product visibility, as the film is crystal-clear and provides a wrinkle-free surface. Additionally, shrink roll is highly customizable, making it ideal for packaging products of various shapes, sizes, and materials.

Additional information

Weight .81 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 1 cm
Shrink Roll

High quality Shrink roll 320 feet length and 10 inch width

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  1. Ayesha Ejaz (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Shrink Packing Roll from Moringa Pure Pakistan for my small business and I am extremely impressed with the quality of the product. The roll is durable and provides a tight, secure seal for all of my packaging needs. I highly recommend it!

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